Hi Fellow Probians
As all functions and meetings have been cancelled All meetings by Zoom

Next Meeting 15th October


WE WANT YOU !!!!!!!   WE WANT YOU  !!!!!!

Hi All,


I am looking for Club members who have a story to tell.

Many of us have special memories and stories that should be told.


This year marks the 75th  anniversary this year of VP Day and many of us will have childhood memories

of life at/around that time.


Do you have memories of growing up during or after WW2. ?? 

What was life like at that time where you were living ?

Did you have special problems such as living through the London blitz.

Being sent to the country for safety or evacuated.

Where were you living at that time ? Australia or Overseas ? 


We would love to hear your first hand experiences.


I have a speaker vacancy for our November meeting so give me a call or email me.



0407 139 747

Welcome to Probus Mt Waverley

The Mount Waverley Men's Probus Club was formed by the Rotary Club of Waverley in 1993  and meet at the Mount Waverley Masonic Hall, 
318 Stephenson's Road, Mount Waverley. We are a Probus Club for men but include our partners in all our social activities. You are invited to come and meet us to see if you feel we would be the right club for you.

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Issue 23 - 7th September 2020

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Now Looks Like

"We of the Never Never"

Have created a page on Travelling

Have a look at John & Eunice Rebbechi Cruise

Around Southern Tasmania

 Keith Page in Vietnam

and Arthur Hollingsworth on Norfolk Island

As Australia came third in Tour de France

Monet's Garden and Chateaus of France

are there to look at


Wedding Anniversaries


Henry Ford was determined that he could mass produce bombers just as he had done with cars.
He built the B-24 Bomber Assembly Plant at Willow Run in Michigan and proved it.
It was the world's largest building under one roof. This was BEFORE Pearl Harbour !
This film will amaze you -- one B-24 Bomber every 55 minutes.!!


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