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The Mount Waverley Men's Probus Club was formed by the Rotary Club of Waverley in 1993  and meet at the Mount Waverley Masonic Hall, 
318 Stephenson's Road, Mount Waverley. We are a Probus Club for men but include our partners in all our social activities. You are invited to come and meet us to see if you feel we would be the right club for you.

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Alan Easton Presents the celebrations of the 75th Anniversary of The United Nations

The Covid 19 pandemic highlighted for us the need for continuing dialogue and cooperation between all the nations of the world – something that the United Nations has provided for seventy-five years – years when there have been no World Wars, no atomic bombs dropped and their peace-keepers have strived to minimise conflict, save the environment and have worked for peace to the very best of their abilities. Their primary goals are: Peace, Dignity and Equality on a healthy planet. In this video, we celebrate the stories of ten people who share their memories of those seventy-five years together with their hopes for the future. They also share our values of welcoming strangers, loving our neighbours and caring for the vulnerable and the marginalised. We hope you will find our presentation inspiring, educational and joyful.

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"We of the Never Never"


Your Outings Committee is preparing a program for the coming year

Again we will have a city walk viewing Historical Buildings and Lunch

A visit to Cranbourne Gardens

A Two Day Tour to the Daylesford Area

Further details to follow


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What to Look for - Stroke

Probus Day 30th November

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